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Evergreen House started as a backyard project in 1946, when the company founder's wife wanted a custom greenhouse. This lead to the innovative use of aluminum, used extensively in the region's aerospace industry. From this idea, Evergreen House became the leading pioneer of aluminum and glass greenhouses throughout the Northwest. Evergreen House specialized in greenhouses for two decades, supplying aluminum and glass structures to individuals, businesses, schools, universities, and agricultural concerns. Hundreds of greenhouses were produced, and most are still in use today.

In 1970, Evergreen House added residential and commercial skylights and custom, commercial overhead glazing systems. Early commercial glazing contracts included Bellevue Square and the Portland Red Lion Inn.

Today, Evergreen House specializes in custom commercial overhead glazing systems. While many configurations are standard in detail and configuration, every project is custom designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet project-specific requirements.

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