Our Services -- from concept to completion, we provide design assistance, detailing, specification, engineering and project management services

Evergreen House provides a top-quality glazing product, in-house engineering capabilities, and full accountability for design, engineering, fabrication, erection and warranty.

This commitment has been applied to hundreds of past projects and throughout Evergreen House's 30 years of experience under its current ownership. As fabrication and construction methods evolve, Evergreen House continues to evaluate and improve the quality of workmanship. All glazing systems are built to exacting standards, keeping fabrication tolerances below industry standards and using precision water and laser-cutting options as needed.

Evergreen House continually monitors system performance and assesses products with improved glass strength and solar performance. By selectively implementing new products, such as those using spectrally-selective coatings, Evergreen House can design increasingly larger scale and more exotic skylights. The use of newer technologies in combination with a building's energy performance measures, gives Evergreen House customers access to levels of design and performance that were previously inconceivable.

A common design objective is to create dramatic spaces in shopping malls, office buildings, cafeterias, and other public facilities. The Evergreen House system provides opportunities to use daylight in new and unique ways through the use of high-performance glazing, tinting and silk-screening.

Evergreen House regularly consults with architects and mechanical engineers about the proper glass combinations required to meet the thermal requirements of building envelopes.

Custom-designed skylights have been fabricated and installed by Evergreen House in regions outside the Pacific Northwest. Not only have we completed projects in Washington and Oregon, but in a number of states that include California, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, Illinois and Kansas. Projects have also been completed in Guam and Japan.

Evergreen House provides architectural design services from concept through the completion stages of a project, with a single source of accountability to the customer.

Complete details of hundreds of past projects are available, allowing the Evergreen House design team to give clients proven applications as a reference for similar projects.

In addition, our engineering staff can provide preliminary calculations on loads and spans to develop new configurations that accommodate unique design challenges.

Custom profiles are available to satisfy aesthetic and performance criteria in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Exterior glazing details can accommodate captured or silicone joints, or a combination thereof based on configuration and design.

All Evergreen House glazing systems are fully engineered on a project-specific basis and carry an engineering stamp by a licensed professional engineer.

Drawings and details are provided on prints, on disk, or are transmitted via e-mail.

Evergreen House products are fabricated in a 10,000-square-foot, company-owned facility in Kirkland, Washington. Complete machine shop capabilities for fabrication of aluminum products allows the company to be efficient and responsive to customers' needs.

Each glazing system is custom fabricated on a project-specific basis. In most instances, aluminum framework joinery is hand-fitted, welded and ground. This allows for narrower sight lines and fewer exposed fasteners.

Organic, high-performance coatings are the finish of choice for most projects and Evergreen House is able to provide a broad selection of painted finishes, including custom color Kynar coatings.

After full assembly and dimensional verification in the shop, glass sizes are taken directly from the system. The framing system is then disassembled into manageable components, painted, and shipped directly to the job site for final assembly and installation. This process minimizes handling and reduces damage to the finish.

Qualified union glaziers perform both fabrication and installation. These professional, experienced crews provide quality craftsmanship, safety compliance and creative expertise in all custom glazing applications.

While Evergreen House excels in custom designs to meet project design criteria for monumental projects, standard configurations are common in everyday construction projects. Some of the more common configurations are:

Ridge Skylights

Common in mall applications, this configuration follows the roof ridge with slopes down each side, or can be 'built-up' with ends to fill a linear, flat opening.

Usually with rafter spacing of 2-to-4 feet, the ridge can run indefinitely. Often, exterior horizontal glass joints (or purlins) will have a silicone seal with no cap to allow for more efficient water run-off.

Based on the length of the slope and the rafter spacing, rafter tubes can range from a simple T-bar to 3-by-12 inch structural aluminum tubes.

Sun or Garden Rooms, Greenhouses, Solariums

Ranging from restaurants to commercial greenhouses to residential applications, this 'glass-room' configuration is the legacy of Evergreen House since 1946.

Combining vertical and sloped glazing in numerous configurations, these applications can incorporate windows, doors, fans, sunshades, and can be attached to or independent of other structures.

Pyramids, Jewels

These structures rise from an opening and generally bring three, four, six or more sides to a point. Horizontal purlins can be simple or complex, making the skylight a design element as well as providing day lighting functionality. Evergreen House uses a 'tension ring' design, eliminating horizontal thrust. This design requires curbs to provide dead-load support only.


These are skylights with a true or segmented radius over an opening. Many times this configuration incorporates end glazing as well. Vertical spacing is commonly minimized in this application with purlin spacing of approximately 2-to-3 feet.


Ranging from in-fills in steel perimeter frames to point-supported or suspended glass with minimal frame profiles, Evergreen House has hundreds of standard and custom applications. Canopies include sidewalk covers adjacent to office buildings, hotels and restaurants, as well as freestanding walkway covers at corporate campuses and retail villages.

Glazing in-fill options include glass, plastics and translucent panels.

For glass options, laminated glass is used in all overhead applications. When solar control and energy efficiency are required, tinted and coated glass choices are available.

For any Evergreen House project, we are able to combine laminated glass with several features, including tints, low-e coatings, ceramic frit silkscreen patterns, solar control reflective coatings, and translucent interlayers. Our ability to work with this range of products gives our clients thousands of options in color, transmittance, performance and aesthetics. Glass thicknesses are determined based on the overall glass lite dimensions, spans and specific loads.

Evergreen House supplies glass from local, regional and national glass fabricators. Our engineering and design team can make product recommendations and provide performance criteria for different glazing options.

Plastic glazings include polycarbonates and acrylics. Translucent panel systems can be incorporated into the Evergreen House system, or installed as an independent glazing system.