Glazing Choices

Glazing in-fill options include glass, plastics, and translucent panels.

For glass options, laminated glass is used in all overhead applications. When solar control and energy efficiency are required, tinted and coated glass choices are available.

Combinations of laminated glass with tints, low-e coatings, ceramic frit silkscreen patterns, solar control reflective coatings and translucent interlayers provide

thousands of options in color, transmittance, performance, and aesthetics. Glass thicknesses are determined based on overall glass tile dimensions, spans and specified loads.

Evergreen House supplies glass from local, regional and national glass fabricators. Our engineering and design team can make product recommendations and provide performance criteria for different glazing options.

Plastic glazings include polycarbonates and acrylics. Translucent panel systems can be incorporated into the Evergreen House system, or installed as an independent glazing system.