Specialty Configurations

While Evergreen House excels in custom designs to meet project design criteria for monumental projects, standard configurations are common in every day construction projects. Some of the more common configurations are:

Ridge Skylights: Common in malls, this configuration follows the roof ridge with slopes down each side, or can be built-up with ends to fill a linear flat opening.

Usually with two to four foot rafter spacing, the ridge can run indefinitely. Often, exterior horizontal glass joints (or purlins) will have a silicone seal with no cap to allow for more efficient water run-off.

Based on the length of the slope and the rafter spacing, rafter tubes can range from a simple t-bar to 3”x12” structural tubes.

Sun Rooms, Green Houses, Solariums: Ranging from restaurants to commercial greenhouses to residential applications, this ‘glass-room’ configuration is the legacy of Evergreen House since 1946.

Combining vertical and sloped glazing in numerous configurations, these applications can incorporate windows, doors, fans, sunshades, and be attached to, or independent of other structures.

Pyramids, Jewels: Three, four, six or more-sided structures that rise from an opening, usually to a point. Horizontal purlins can be simple or complex, making the skylight a design element as well as providing daylighting functionality. Evergreen House uses a tension-ring design, eliminating horizontal thrust. This design requires curbs to provide the dead-load support only.

Vaults: Skylights with a true or segmented radius over an opening. Many times this configuration incorporates end-glazing as well. Vertical spacing is commonly minimized in this application with purlin spacing approximately two to three feet.

Canopies: Ranging from infills in steel perimeter frames, to point-supported or suspended glass with minimal frame profiles, Evergreen House has hundreds of standard and custom applications.

Canopies include sidewalk covers adjacent to office buildings, hotels, and restaurants, and free standing walkway covers at corporate campuses and retail villages.